Garip Ay

See Garip Ay perform art in Toronto!

For a limited time, you can see Istanbul-based artist, Garip Ay, in Toronto. Garip will be demonstrating, or performing, his unique art form at 1 Yonge, in collaboration with the producers of Immersive Van Gogh, Immersive Klimt and Immersive Nutcracker.

But who is Garip Ay?

Garip utilizes traditional ebru techniques, a method of paper marbling that involves dripping oil paint into water, to create rich artworks with incredibly complex motifs.

Putting his own twist on this traditional art technique, he has carved a niche himself in the art world – his 2016 recreation of Starry Night made him a worldwide sensation overnight.

Garip seamlessly morphing one work into another with just a few hand motions and drops of paint – on water – has “wowed” audiences and observers around the world. It is only natural that his art has evolved into performance art, with beautiful works as a result.

And now you can see Garip perform live at 1 Yonge, Toronto – but for a limited time only! He will perform one artwork every hour, inspired by the immersive art experiences produced by Lighthouse Immersive.

Please note: A ticket to one of the exhibits is required to enter the venue, which is where Garip will be performing.